Sustainability & Climate

Student researched and produced case studies are available for inclusion in any OSUN class.
For a Little More Green

Rooftop gardening in Dhaka is a sustainable solution to combat the impact of climate change.


Save the Sundarbans

Climate change's impact on those who live in the Sundarbans region in India.

The Story of Bottle Light

Solar lamps made from waste has provided access to electricity and light.

Living on Faith in a Changing Planet

Drought has impacted livestock farming in South Africa.

New Orleans Flash Floods

Why is New Orleans so vulnerable to flooding?

From Covid 19 to Climate Disruption

What are the similarties between the Covid--19 pandemic and the climate crisis?

Port of Tacoma and Climate Restoration

It's time to stop debating if climate change is real and instead actively pursue climate restoration!

Dilemma for Coral Reefs

A scientist and a businessman are interviewed on their views on land reclamation in Maldives.

Noe: Saved or Developed

The conflict between urbanization and communities' access to natural land and place based memories.

One Person, One Farm

A Massachusetts farmer shares her views on sustainable farming and offers examples of best practices.

Columbia University

Forest School - Nature's Natural Classroom

How educational programs like a forest school can connect students with nature and enhance learning.

Carbondale is On Fire - "Save Our Home" Music Video

Poetry and singing reflect the impact of climate change and students concern about the future.

Contamination of Hudson river

Hudson River has been polluted. Preservation can be accomplished by making changes in day-to-day choices.

BARD Annandale

Dirt Stories

Bard Farm preserves soil to contribute to climate sustainability.

BARD Annandale

Today is Late: Climate change in Kyrgyzstan

AUCA students' attempts to raise awareness of how climate change is affecting Kyrgyzstan.



Bishkek lacks the public facilities and resources to increase social welfare.