Global Public Health

Student researched and produced case studies are available for inclusion in any OSUN class.
The Virginity Taboo

The cultural beliefs surrounding virginity in Afghanistan can take a psychological toll on women.


After Birth

Personal stories and scientific perspectives sheds light on the effects of Postpartum Depression.

BARD Annandale

Painting the Rights Brain

Art therapy can be an alternative to more traditional forms of therapy.

BARD Annandale

From Covid 19 to Climate Disruption

What are the similarties between the Covid--19 pandemic and the climate crisis?

Living with Disabilities in Bishkek

What it is like to live with disability in Bishkek?


Still Human

Addiction is treatable and a person dealing with addiction is no less human.

BARD Annandale

Closed For Today: Effects of COVID-19 on students of Higher Education

Is education a right or a privilege?


Children of Migrants: Separation

The effects immigration has on children left in Kyrgyzstan while their parents search for employment.


Mental Cage

Mental health stigma is common in Kyrgystan.